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dc.contributor.authorD, Salvador Vargas
dc.descriptionIn this paper a method to obtain a pairwise potentialenergy function from Computational FluidDynamic (CFD) simulation of two-fixed sphericalparticles is presented. A pair potential function isvery helpful to evaluate the particle hydrodynamicinteractions in two-phase flow systems involvinga large number of particles. The hydrodynamicinteractive forces play an important role in thistype of flows. Using the traditional dynamicparticle simulations such as direct numericalsimulations (DNS), Two-Fluid Model (TFM) anddiscrete element (DEM), the analysis of a systemof N particles, a great amount of computationalwork of order O(N2)is required to evaluate all thepairwise particle interactions. The algorithm ofthe present paper only requires two-fixed sphericalparticles to find a pair potential that can be usedin a stochastic method such as Monte Carlo(MC) or Molecular Dynamic Simulations (MDS),resulting in less computer time requirements,making it considerably more practical for largescaleproblems encountered in two-phase flowsystems. Thus, when someone is only interested inan equilibrium configuration of a large group ofparticles in two-phase flow system rather than theirtime-dependant particle properties, this approachcould be a solution.en-US
dc.publisherUniversidad Librees-ES
dc.sourceAVANCES: Investigación en Ingeniería; Vol. 8 Núm. 1 (2011): Avances Investigación en Ingeniería; 47-51es-ES
dc.titleAn Approach to Obtain a Pairwise Potential Function from Numerical Simulations of Two-Fixed Spherical Particles at Low Particle Reynolds Numberen-US
dc.titleUn enfoque para obtener una función potencial por parejas a partir de simulaciones numéricas de dos partículas esféricas fijas bajo el número de Reynolds de partículas bajases-ES
dc.rights.licenseAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 2.5 Colombia*
dc.relation.ispartofjournalRevistas – Ingenieríasspa

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